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The Diamond Treatment

Derma Planing

Reversing the Effects of Time

Derma Planing is a safe and effective manual exfoliation treatment. It removes dead skin cells that sit on the skin surface dulling your complexion and removes the 'peach fuzz' hair (the blonde fluffy hair called vellus hair). 

The manual exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate the skin. 

The vellus hair will grow back within the normal growth cycle within approximately 4 weeks however the hair will be unaltered and not become terminal hair, darker or thicker.

This treatment is suitable for maturer skin that has a slower cell turnover or dry, rough skin types.

The Derma Planing treatment begins with a skin consultation to discuss your goals and problem areas. A double cleanse, enriched with botanicals and anti-oxidants, followed by a tone will prepare the skin for treatment and then is completed with a Hydro Cool mask, specialist serum and SPF.

After a derma planing treatment your skin will feel instantly softer, smoother and glowing as dead skin layers are removed, resurfacing the skin to improve tone and texture.


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