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The Ultra Treatment

Derma Needling

Truly Exceptional Results

Derma Needling is the safest and most effective method of scar revision and improves hyper-pigmentation, deep lines, cellulite, stretch marks and menopausal skin with voluminous and illuminating effect. It can also help to stimulate hair follicles and deal with hair loss.  It is suitable to treat the face but also other areas of the body that suffer the same symptoms.

The specialist needling device punctures the skin stimulating a natural healing response. The super fine needles work on two levels. They create micro channels for the specialist, and highly absorbent, serums to work deeply into your skin whilst the micro 'injuries' stimulate collagen and elastin production creating plumper, firmer skin. 

The Derma Needling treatment begins with a skin consultation to discuss your goals and problem areas. A double cleanse, enriched with botanicals and anti-oxidants, followed by a tone will prepare the skin for treatment. The needling process is considered by most clients to be relatively painless and typically takes about 30 minutes which is followed by a soothing Hydro Cool mask and SPF. If you do experience slight sensitivity a numbing cream can be used. Your skin will be slightly red immediately after treatment but this will soon calm down. Recovery is rapid with no residual pain or discomfort.

The treatment produces long lasting results however for the best results you will need more than one treatment to continually build and maintain new collagen and elastin growth.


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